Day: April 19, 2011

Android BoOp游戏 – Handster.com市场 / Android BoOp Game – Market

BoOp游戏现在与美国公司Handster(最佳软件奖2009&LG电子应用程序商店的合作伙伴)的合作伙伴。 Android BoOp游戏 Handster.com市场 BoOp Game is now partner with American Company Handster (Best Software Award 2009 & LG Application Store partner). Android BoOp Game on market

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Android BoOp游戏 Pocketland市场 / Android BoOp Game – Pocketland Market

BoOp游戏现已销往欧洲市场与Pocketland!我们的游戏已通过验收,内容审查,并已出版! ;)尽情享受吧! Android BoOp游戏 PocketLand市场 BoOp Game is now sold in the European market with Pocketland ! Our game has passed the acceptance test, the content review, and has been published ! 😉 Enjoy ! Android BoOp Game on PocketLand

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