Day: August 26, 2011

第一届亚洲商业伙伴 / First Asian Commercial Partner / 安卓市场HiMarket

First Asian commercial opportunity concluded with : catalog, game details. 第一届亚洲BOOP的商业机会的结论与目录,游戏的细节。

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boOpGame sold at VERIZON wireless Shop / boOpGame出售Verizon无线店

boOpGame is sold in the new storefront at VERIZON wireless Shop boOp is certified [C7+ Children 7 PLUS PARENTAL ADVISORY Ages7+] boOpGame是在新的店面出售Verizon无线店 BOOP是认证[C7+儿童7 PLUS的父母亲咨询Ages7+]

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