The Treasure Chest


3D printed in Full Color Sandstone: Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel (Width : 1.2 in / 3.1 cm : Height : 1.1 in / 2.8 cm – Depth : 0.9 in / 2.4cm) .



From a certain point, you may to discover Treasure Chests in which Wizards have sealed the Lucky Stone and Happiness of Humanity. Open them one by one, and you can find a priceless Treasure !

Are you ready to save the World ? You are “boOp”, a robot which mission is to give back Lucky Stone and Happiness to the all Mankind, by finding nine Treasures ! But be careful, a lot of surprises is waiting for you to avoid you winning ! You can download boOpGame with your Android device here.

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